The Solo Build It! (SBI!) Action Guide

What is the most frequently heard comment from successful solopreneurs who use Solo Build It! (SBI!)?





"Follow. The. Action. Guide."

The Solo Build It! Action Guide

There's no way to over-emphasize how important it is to focus on executing the steps in the Action Guide, to the exclusion of all else!

Whichever Version of SBI! You Choose,
Success Lies in SBI! (Not the Choice of Sitebuilder)

From here on in, use of the term "Action Guide" refers equally to the "original" SBI! and SBI! for WP. Whichever version of SBI! you choose, success lies in SBI! (the unique combination of process, tools, community guidance, regular updating and support).

The SBI! Action Guide (AG) pulls all the important business-building information you need into one place. It leads you through a straightforward, detailed step-by-step process (C T P M) that has been proven time and again to work... if you are prepared to work it.

The Action Guide helps you lay a solid foundation for your business. It integrates the use of SBI!'s built-in tools, enabling you to move efficiently forward.

For example, there's no need to research and find the best keyword tool out there. (The best would cost you as much as SBI! itself!). SBI!'s "Brainstorm It" does more than deliver world-class data. Its functionality is uniquely geared to the needs of solopreneurs...

It even helps find a niche if you can't identify one on your own. Another example — it helps you choose the highest potential niche, based on such factors as 1) profitability, 2) the time you have available, and 3) monetization potential. And it is constantly getting smarter, making it an indispensable partner throughout the lifespan of your business, not just at the start.

Brainstorm It!'s irreplaceable utility is not the point here, though. It's just one example of a best practice executed with a custom-made tool. Here's the point...

Best practices

The Action Guide briefs you on your next step and why you do it. Then it takes you through the process.

Continue like that, step by step. Learn, then do. Repeat as you work your way through the guide.

That's it, in a nutshell... SBI!'s "secret sauce."

Consider our brainstorming example again. There are thousands of articles on researching keywords. They overlap. They differ. You could take weeks figuring the best process for niche and keyword ("topic") selection. However, there would be no data to prove that it works.

On the other hand, we've been optimizing SBI! for over 16 years. We have the track record to prove it works. We boil all of the noise down to a small number of truly best practices, correctly sequenced. So if SBI! does all that, you may be wondering...

"What's My Job?"

That's simple. Not "easy," but simple...

  • Learn and understand. You become so much more effective when you understand each step of building your business.
  • Execute step-by-step. And we don't just mean "follow along," although that's important. Execute to the best of your ability. Pour yourself into it!

You can't execute with passion, excellence and focus if you're spending time searching for answers, if you're unsure of what to do next. Leave all that behind.

Commit to the Action Guide. You can't help but do everything in the perfect order, forgetting nothing. You're free to focus on excellence. That's the way you'll roll with the AG!

Want to Play in the Solopreneur Major Leagues?

You have just learned part of SBI!'s "secret sauce." Yes, the built-in tools are important. And so are the friendly, help-and-be-helped forums. And keeping it all up-to-date lets you focus on what matters (your business!). But the Action Guide is the heart of it all.

The Action Guide eliminates your need to ...

  • figure everything out ✅
  • keep up with the daily firehose of information ✅
  • find the best tools (or plugins if you use WordPress) ✅
  • spot the next big development that matters ✅

Like McDonald's, "we do it all for you." There are no distractions, no irresistible "Get Rich Quick" copy to lead you down a wrong road, no varying points of view on the same topic (some of them must be wrong, but which?). You focus on only one thing... follow the Action Guide to build your business.

SBI!'s 100X increase in success rate comes from your newfound ability to focus 100% of your limited time on the regularly updated and proven C T P M process that you follow in the Action Guide.

Simple, but Powerful...

Everything you need to know to build a profitable e-business is explained in detail in the Action Guide. First you learn, then you do.

It's not easy. If it were, everyone would be rich already. That said, SBI! does break a complex process down into many doable steps. Each step is simple, which means that the whole process is doable.

Work your way through the Action Guide steadily (no rush!) and conscientiously. You will see site/social/mobile grow into "PREsold" traffic and an online business that generates both, increasing...

  • income — your monthly cash flow. Most solopreneurs focus only on net profits. Sooner or later, though, a much bigger return on all your work is possible if you plan for that. SBIers think ahead to that final payoff, too...
  • equity — the sale value of your business. This "final payday" is the forgotten half of solopreneur monetization. If you consider it from the beginning, you'll make decisions that bake true value into your growing business. (Some SBIers have businesses with 7-figure valuations!)

How Do You Learn Best?

The Action Guide delivers the step-by-step process in whatever format best works for you (📓 🎥 📱). It's available in written, video and mobile formats.

Whatever the optimal format may be for you, the Guide's "Table of Contents" (below) is identical. Let's take a peek at the TOC now. You will...

  • see what steps you'll take when building a business from scratch with SBI!
  • realize why SBI! is as unique and effective as we claim
  • understand why no other product delivers (and proves) success, and
  • decide whether SBI! is right for you.

The SBI! Action Guide
Table of Contents

What else is in SBI!'s "secret sauce?" Here's a small, but important, example...

SBI!'s secret sauce

Have you noticed how sitebuilders (e.g., Wix, Weebly, Yola) or Web hosts (e.g., GoDaddy, Bluehost) ask you to pick or transfer a domain name right away?

That's a smart business process... for them. You feel good because, like the famous hare, you're off to the races. But it's the tortoise who wins this race.

SBI!'s only interest is your success. Even if you have already picked "the perfect domain name," you still complete the first 5 DAYs (of a metaphorical 10-DAY process) before making a final domain name decision.

Most SBI! members end up improving upon what they were considering. Some find a much better niche. Regardless, they maximize their prospects before they finalize their domain name!

Whatever you choose for a name, it will be supported by hard data. You will end up with the best possible name for your best possible niche.

"Getting everything right during DAYs 1-5 makes a huge difference to your business potential. It's the difference between sailing with the wind at your back or blowing into your face.

That's just one more ingredient in SBI!'s secret sauce.

Ready? Let's skim through the contents of the SBI! Action Guide...


Intro: The 10-DAY BIG Picture

The Intro explains the concept of "10 DAYs" and gives you a high level overview of the proven Content Traffic PREsell Monetize (C T P M), business-building process.

DAY 1: Master the ALL-Important Basics

The first 5 "DAYs" of the Action Guide form the foundation of your online business. Learn the C T P M process, why it works and always will. Understand the importance of "PREselling" and how it differs (and leads to) selling. Introduce yourself to the SBI! community in the private members-only forums.

DAY 2: Develop Your Best Site Concept

Gain a deeper understanding of what makes a strong "site concept." Use Brainstorm It! to research and evaluate at least 3 potential site concepts. Choose the best niche for your business, based on your evaluations of keyword numbers and several other important factors. This decision is subject to change, depending on how DAYs 3-5 go — you may revisit it to adjust or fine-tune.

DAY 3: Brainstorm More Profitable Page Topics

Learn why search intent is so important. Create a list of in-demand keywords ("page topics") for your niche-based content site. Develop an optimally tiered site architecture. Finish with your "Site Content Blueprint" in hand.

DAY 4: Investigate and Plan Monetization Options

Form a persona(s) of your ideal site visitor(s). Feel his/her problems, needs and desires. Identify solutions. Select two "starter" monetization options to implement in DAY 10. Consider other potential ways to monetize. Make a final assessment that your niche has enough monetization potential to deliver the "life-impacting goals" of your business.

DAY 5: Refine Your Site Concept and Register Your Domain Name

Determine your "Voice" and "Valuable PREselling Proposition" (VPP). It's all part of building your "Brand of One." Confirm that your final domain name choice is available. Register it and grab the identical social media usernames, before someone else does!

By the time you reach this "half-way point," you'll understand the deep difference between building a serious, long-term online business and a "make money" site. The comprehension deepens as you progress...

DAY 6: Build a Site That Gets the Click!

Create your site's design. Build your home page, at least two Tier 2 (category) pages, and a Tier 3 (topic) page. Verify site ownership with Google and Bing. Submit your sitemap file to each search engine (SBI! updates both engines every time you publish a page, automatically, while a recommended plugin does it for WordPress users).

Let's skip the rest of these "mechanical details" — it's enough to know that you and SBI! will do all that's necessary to distribute your site widely. Here's the important point...

No matter how sensational your design may be, a "site" is just a shell. To beat the competition, fill it with content that stands out.

stand out in a crowd

Think you can't write well enough? Don't know how to do image-processing? SBI! even trains you in the skills you need to stand out in a crowd.

DAY 7: Build Free Traffic From a Variety of Sources

Understand why it's important to receive traffic from a range of sources. Learn how to work effectively with the search engines, building a high volume of free, targeted traffic. Master at least one social medium. Be "mobile-friendly."

Add Content 2.0 invitations on some of your pages to let visitors create content for you (SBI! for WP users can install the Gravity Forms premium plugin to do the same thing). Attract some high-quality links to your site. Your high-value content, social and mobile combine to start a "traffic snowball" (high traffic is one of SBI!'s major strengths — see the proof).

DAY 8: Develop Relationships

Understand the value of content through repeat exposure.

  • Build a mailing list and deliver a newsletter. Even if you merely deliver a monthly update for now, growing your "list" will prove valuable later.
  • Set up Blog It! and an RSS feed (don't panic — it's simple).
  • Add Socialize It! and other "passive social" buttons.
  • Continue to build at least one social presence. Understand the importance of "personal-social" and influencers.
  • Set up a contact form.
  • Optional: Determine whether to add other relationship builders.

DAY 8 is all about the "PREselling" phase of SBI!'s C T P M process.

DAY 9: Know Your Visitors

This is the 80-20 of metrics. Get the most knowledge out of the minimum number of techniques — there's no need to drown in data. Examples include...

  • Understand the power of having knowledge about your traffic.
  • Know what to look for in the "big picture" of your traffic stats.
  • Deepen your understanding of what click-through rates are and how to calculate them.
  • Watch the growth of major referrers (e.g., search, social, partners, etc.).
  • Monitor and improve primary and secondary response rates (e.g., purchases, subscriptions).

DAY 10: Monetize — It's Time!

Now to place the final piece of your business jigsaw puzzle! Everything comes together now to turn traffic into income.

income jigsaw piece

First, reassess and firm up the monetization information and conclusions of DAY 4. Has anything changed?

Finalize and implement your first monetization option. Know how to analyze its success. You'll add a second model as the first stabilizes (focus on one at a time). Maximize the yield of your monetization mix.

Over time, you'll become more sophisticated. If you started with passive income models (e.g., Adsense and affiliate programs), you may want to boost your $-per-visitor ratio with more active models.

How big you grow from here is up to how you prioritize what's most important in life, how well you can delegate (if you want to!), and so forth.


Whichever path you choose, SBI! is there to guide you...

You're well on your way to achieving the life goals that first motivated you to set out on this exciting journey!

The key to that success?

You will have come to realize the importance of every solopreneur's most valuable resource, time. Maintain a laser-like focus on doing the one most important thing at any given time. In other words...

"Follow. The. Action. Guide."

SBI! Enables You to Focus Your Time on What Matters Most
The Results Speak for Themselves...

Click Here to Order and Start Today, Risk-Free.

Build a Business, Not a Website...
Build a Life of Freedom, Not "Just" a Business

Some companies claim that achieving online success is easy. Take a template, add some words and photos, have it hosted and, bingo! One company even uses the hashtag "#ItsThatEasy." Not true!

It is true that anyone can build a professional-looking website — technology has made that part easy. But building a website is not the same as building a thriving business.

That is far more difficult. Given the dismal failure rate of solopreneurs, thriving online is a long-shot.

That is where SBI! and its Action Guide come in. Do you have what it takes — passion, positive attitude and motivation — to make your business succeed? We call that...


  • Brains — having knowledge and passion about your chosen niche topic
  • Attitude — a positive one, even in the face of occasionally feeling overwhelmed
  • Motivation — a strong desire or willingness to do whatever it takes to make your business succeed.

BAM alone is not enough - even if you have BAM, most do not have the time to do it the old-fashioned way of figuring it all out and "keeping up." The noise is too loud — and it's only getting louder.

SBI! alone is not enough. Yes, it enables anyone to do better than they would without it. But our goal is to enable solopreneurs to thrive, not just survive. Our goal is your goal, the bigger, "life goal" that causes you to start a business.

That is what happens when BAM meets SBI!. Here's why and how...

The core of SBI!'s success is the C T P M process. The Action Guide steps you through this natural and powerful process, a classic method that capitalizes upon basic human nature.

You will have a profound understanding of online business and how it really works. You will...

  • understand the potential customer behind your growing traffic stats
  • establish a respected brand like a pro
  • grow a business that delivers both income and equity

You accomplish this due to SBI!'s unique approach. It combines the proven process, online business tools, regular updating, community guidance and 24/7 technical support.

It all boils down to focus. This formidable suite multiplies your chances of solopreneur success by a factor of 100X.

Until you remove the noise you’re going to miss a lot of signal.

The Action Guide is the critical part of SBI!. Here's how all the parts fit together...

  • SBI!'s Action Guide makes C T P M simple to execute. Simple, but not "easy" — you add the BAM!
  • The integrated suite of tools turns everything that is difficult and/or tedious into a totally doable process. Process and tools work together.
  • The friendly and helpful SBI! Forum community of motivated SBI! members means that you may be "solo," but you are never alone. Help is just a question away.
  • Updating: SBIX (our weekly newsletter) distills "signal" from "noise." No need for you to read 100s of blogs — we do it for you. You are first notified of "what's new" through the SBIX. Then we integrate it into the Action Guide (if it's "core") or into "HQ" articles, ready for you when you're ready for them.

Speaking of updates, you may have a question about that...

Doesn't SBI! Get Out-of-Date?

The SBI! process is both timeless AND constantly updated. How "timeless?" OK, let's think about C T P M in a historical context...

If a Roman blacksmith was considered to be knowledgeable ("Content"), potential customers came ("Traffic"). Building relationships ("PREelling") converted prospects into clients ("Monetization).

This was true for then. It's just as valid for the solopreneur today, say one who creates content about life in the times of the Roman Empire to attract people to his local theme park about Roman times. (Hey, it's just an example — we're not saying it's a great idea!)

Roman Theme Park

But Can SBI! Withstand the Accelerating Pressure of Change?

Actually, it's a hidden advantage...

Business used to take centuries to change, then decades and now years or months... even days! No wonder people seek out "the latest." Here's how that applies to SBI!...

The Internet has changed radically since SBI! launched in 2001. Yet the timeless effectiveness of C T P M only gets stronger.

Major developments (e.g., RSS, user-generated content (UGC), social media, mobile) fit seamlessly into the process, amplifying its strength. For example...

  • RSS accelerated the distribution of new content, enabled a new way for visitors to follow it, and created what is usually the second most popular page of every SBI! site.
  • User-generated content (UGC) enabled visitors to create their own content, accelerating growth.
  • Social media deepened PREselling, while providing a new channel for branding and monetization. It also made it easier to build relationships with influencers.
  • Mobile brought in an entirely new population, both searchers and users of social media.

The increased power of updating comes at no cost (in time or dollars) to SBI! members. The important new content and/or tools are included in the subscription price!

The bottom line of updating? You become stronger while saving precious time. There's no need to "keep up" with hundreds of blogs. We do that. No need to figure out what matters. We do that, too.

Consider the competitive advantages...

While the attention of others is scattered, SBIers still laser-focus on what matters most — growing the business. There is only ever one, simple focus — execute what matters most, with excellence.

Final Words on the Action Guide

The Action Guide is the roadmap to solopreneur success. This is the most efficient, proven approach. SBI! is perfect for you if you are...

  • new to all this, perhaps even skeptical about the idea of building profitable online businesses
  • aware that it is possible to earn life-impacting income online, but have yet to succeed
  • internet-savvy, trying for years, but can't figure out why significant profits elude you.

All SBIers, even those who turn out to be the most successful of all, start with doubts. Just get started, risk-free, protected by the 90 Day "Confidence of Success" Guarantee.

Take SBI! for the toughest test drive you can. Follow the Action Guide and use the tools at no risk. Let your SBI! experience (Guide + Tools) speak for itself. That is the direct, fast and simple way to know if it's for you.

Yes, you could abuse the guarantee, learn as much as possible in 90 days, and then ask for your money back (taking a free domain name with you). The more likely outcome is based on our 15 years of experience...

A light bulb switches on for those with BAM.

light bulb switches on

They've found the home that has eluded them, often for years. Just in case, though...

If it's not for you (for any reason), the 90 Day "Confidence of Success" Guarantee has you completely covered.

SBI! and the Action Guide deliver the ability for "everyday" people to discover that they are far, far from "ordinary."

Discover the "extraordinariness" of you right now...